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TU-Automotive Detroit 2016

Video Message from Mr. Gary Peters, United States Senator for Michigan

U.S. Senate Gary Peters U.S. Senator for Michigan, U.S. Senate

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Fireside Chat With Ford Motor Company

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

Ford Don Butler Executive Director of Connected Vehicles and Services, Ford

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Driving Away your Data Problems, Not Your Customers!

Oracle Sanat Joshi Vice President & Industry Principal, Automotive & Manufacturing Industry Business Unit, Oracle

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Connected Car Meets Connected Home (Panel)

Covisint Tim Evavold Solution Delivery Director, Covisint

Airbiquity Scott Frank Vice President of Marketing, Airbiquity

Digital Trends Jeremy Kaplan Editor in Chief, Digital Trends

Hyundai Mark Dipko Director of Corporate Planning and Strategy, Hyundai

Amazon CJ Frost Principal Solutions Architect - Alexa Voice Service, Amazon

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Mark Menard Director ICT Service and Parts and Global Connected Vehicle, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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Update Platforms to Enable the Data-Rich Vehicle

Renovo Christopher Heiser CEO, Renovo

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Automotive Takes On the Sharing Economy (Panel)

Oracle Sanat Joshi Vice President & Industry Principal, Automotive & Manufacturing Industry Business Unit, Oracle

Audi of America Scott Reynolds Audi Mobility Business Development Manager, Audi of America

car2go Michael Mikos CFO, car2go

Wall Street Journal Michael Ramsey Automotive Reporter, Wall Street Journal

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Urban Mobility as a Service (Panel)

Covisint Tim Evavold Solution Delivery Director, Covisint

SMART University of Michigan Susan Zielinski Managing Director, SMART University of Michigan

INRIX Nathan Potance Vice President, Business Development, INRIX

ABI Research Dominique Bonte Managing Director and Vice President, B2B, ABI Research

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Forget Game Changer: This is a World Changer

KIA Henry Bzeih Head of Connected Car/CTO, KIA

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What Did the Rocket Say to the Sedan? Lessons from Space for the Autonomous Car

Wind River Marques McCammon General Manager, Connected Vehicle Solutions, Wind River

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A Smart Map Is The Operating System For Connected Cars And The Fundamental Path To Success

Telenav Philipp Kandal VP, Automotive Engineering & OSM, Telenav

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Delivering the Intelligent, Contextual Automotive Grade Assistant

Nuance Eric Montague Senior Director Product Marketing & Strategy Automotive, Nuance

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A Heart of Grid Lines: Moving Forward With Mapping at the Core (Panel)

Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc. Louis A. Brugman General Manager - Product Planning,, Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc.

TomTom Pieter Gillegot-Vergauwen VP Product and Progr Management , TomTom

Telenav Satish Kumar Director of Product Management, Telenav

Advanced Automotive Technology Christopher Wilson Technical and IP Consulting, Advanced Automotive Technology

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Getting Granular: The Next Wave of Fleet Data (Panel)

Mobile Devices Aaron Solomon CEO, Mobile Devices

Scania Fleet management Fredrik Callenryd Senior Business Analyst, Scania Fleet management

Daimler Trucks Shawn Meredith Manager, Telematics Service Development, Daimler Trucks

Ericsson Claes Herlitz Head of Automotive, Ericsson

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ADAS to Autonomous: As Simple As A Step-By-Step Approach? (Panel)

Centre for Automotive Research Richard Wallace Director Transportation Systems Analysis, Centre for Automotive Research

NNG LLC Jeff Rehm Director, Business Development, NNG LLC

JD Power Kristin Kolodge Executive Director - HMI & Driver Interaction, JD Power

Renovo Motors Jason Stinson CTO, Renovo Motors

USAA Jon-Michael Kowall Executive - Innovation, USAA

The Boston Consulting Group Brian Collie Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

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Experience, Autonomy and Data: Evolving the Perfect Customer Journey

Dealer-FX Gary Kalk President & CEO, Dealer-FX

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Automotive Connectivity: Risky Business or Savior? (Panel)

U-Blox Stefan Gudmundsson Principal, Automotive Market Development, U-Blox

MIT Tina Srivastava Strategic Engineering Research Group, MIT

Symantec Brian Witten Sr Director, IOT, Symantec

Oberthur Technologies Clyde Harris VP - BD & Sales - Connected Car, M2M and IoT - Americas, Oberthur Technologies

Open Mobile Alliance Joel Hoffmann Automotive Business Development Consultant, Open Mobile Alliance

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Cybersecurity: What Are Consumers Thinking?

Kelley Blue Book Akshay Anand Manager, Commercial Insights, Kelley Blue Book

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All Together Now: Auto-ISAC and Industry Collaboration

KIA Henry Bzeih Head of Connected Car/CTO, KIA

Auto-ISAC Jonathan Allen Executive Director, Auto-ISAC

General Motors Jeffrey Massimilla Chief Product Cybersecurity Officer, Product Cybersecurity, General Motors

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SmartDeviceLink Announcement

Ford Scott Burnell Global Lead, Business Development & Partner Management, Ford

Livio Justin Dickow Program Manager, Livio

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Connected Data Platforms for Connected Cars

Hortonworks Grant Bodley GM Global Manufacturing Industry Solutions, Hortonworks

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Just Dive In: Transforming Software Development at Ford

Ford Rich Strader Director, Enterprise & Emerging IT, Ford

GitHub Matthew McCullough Director of Field Services, GitHub

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Fiber to the Car: Making the Cloud Work for Cars – From today’s telematics and infotainment to vehicles as network nodes tomorrow

Kymeta Tom Freeman SVP, Land Mobile, Kymeta

INRIX Joel Karp Sr. Director, Product Management, INRIX

VoiceBox Technologies Rich Kennewick Co-Founder and President, VoiceBox Technologies

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Investing in Success: Identifying the Next Big Automotive Disruptors (Panel)

William Blair Scott Mattson Director, William Blair

The Autotech Council Liz Kerton Executive Director, The Autotech Council

RPM Ventures Marc Weiser Managing Director, RPM Ventures

BMW iVentures Dr. Ulrich Quay Managing Director, BMW iVentures

Fontinalis Partners Chris Stallman Principal, Fontinalis Partners

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New Mobility Reinvents the Org Chart (panel)

Volkswagen Group of America Frank Weith Manager - Technical Strategy, Volkswagen Group of America

Ford Motor Company Mike Tinskey Associate Global Director of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Ford Motor Company

Egon Zehnder Shauna McIntyre Head, U.S. Automotive Practice, Egon Zehnder

Accenture Utpal Bakshi Managing Director Product Lifecycle Services for Industrial & Automotive, Accenture

Fontinalis Partners Dan Ratliff Associate, Fontinalis Partners

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Motor Insurance in the Digital World (Panel)

Mobile Devices Aaron Solomon CEO, Mobile Devices

Octo Telematics North America Nino Tarantino CEO, Octo Telematics North America

Verisk Insurance Solutions Jim Levendusky Vice President, Telematics, Verisk Insurance Solutions

Progressive David Pratt General Manager - Usage Based Insurance, Progressive

TU-Automotive Ruthana Foulkes Managing Director, TU-Automotive

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A Fixed Ops Platform: Transforming the Connected Car Ownership Experience

Xtime Mir Baqar VP of Product Solutions, Xtime

Cox Automotive David Liniado VP, New Ventures , Cox Automotive

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Automotive: The Linchpin of the Connected Society

TU-Automotive Ruthana Foulkes Managing Director, TU-Automotive

TU-Automotive Gareth Ragg Managing Director, TU-Automotive

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We are Connected! What Comes Next for Automotive?

Inrix Bryan Mistele CEO, Inrix

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Mercedes-Benz Utilizes AI to Create New User Experiences

Mercedes-Benz R&D NA Kal Mos Vice President, Mercedes-Benz R&D NA

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Connectivity through Partnerships

Octo Telematics Jonathan Hewett CMO, Octo Telematics

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The Next Must-Have Consumer Electronics Device

Cisco-Jasper Mark Thomas Head of Connected Car Product Marketing, Cisco-Jasper

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Monetizing the Connected Services of Tomorrow

WirelessCar Martin Rosell Managing Director, WirelessCar

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Closing the Mobility Experience Gaps

Panasonic Automotive Tom Gebhardt President & COO, Panasonic Automotive

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GNSS-based Vehicle Positioning for Autonomous Vehicles

u-blox Brad Sherrard Senior Vice President, u-blox

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Automotive’s Shift to Software - The Next Big Thing

QNX Software Systems Thomas Bloor Business Development Manager, Automotive, QNX Software Systems

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Rethink the Car as a High-Tech, Multi-Business Function Platform

Manhattan Venture Partners Max Wolff Chief Economist, Manhattan Venture Partners

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How to Win in HMI (Panel)

Connected Vehicle Trade Association Scott McCormick President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association

Car Connectivity Consortium Alan Ewing President & Executive Director, Car Connectivity Consortium

Mitsubishi Electric Gareth Williams Director of Advanced Development, Audio, Video & Communications, Mitsubishi Electric

Gracenote Brian Hamilton General Manager, Automotive, Gracenote

PSA Gautier Falconnet Connectivity Specialist, PSA

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The Crux of Automotive: What Drives Man and Machine?

Lixar Will Hickie Chief Data Scientist, Lixar

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Creating a Truly Global Connectivity Solution - Is It Even Possible?

Sierra Wireless Dan Martensson Vice President, Service Business Lines, Sierra Wireless

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Gesture Control and Driver Monitoring - Making Innovative Image Processing Technology Automotive-Grade

gestigon GmbH Sascha Klement Founder, Managing Director, CTO, gestigon GmbH

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The Software-First Car of the Future (Panel)

Movimento Group Mahbubul Alam Chief Technology Officer, Movimento Group

Navigant Research Sam Abuelsamid Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research

QNX Yi Zheng Product Manager, QNX

Harman Axel Nix Senior Director of ADAS, Harman

NXP Alan Rooke Director Automotive Field Engineering, NXP

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Security as a Value Add versus Road Block: Designing Security for Connected Cars and Drivers

Gemalto Pierre Girard Security Solution Expert M2M Business Unit, Gemalto

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The Tech Factor! How Can Companies Evolve And Integrate As Fast As The Technology?

Jaguar Land Rover Matt Jones Senior Technical Specialist - Infotainment, Jaguar Land Rover

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TU-Automotive Hall of Fame Panel

Connected Vehicle Trade Association Scott McCormick President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association

TU-Automotive Gareth Ragg Managing Director, TU-Automotive

Bucci Consulting Jon Bucci Founder, Bucci Consulting

Dance Consulting Francis Dance President, Dance Consulting

M2MD Technologies Charles Link Founder and Chief Technology Officer, M2MD Technologies

Convey PR and Marketing Kevin Link Chief Creative Officer, Convey PR and Marketing

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Who Will be the Conductor of the Identity Orchestra for Connected Vehicles?

Covisint David Miller Chief Security Office, Covisint

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Are Your Connected Cars Ahead of the Curve?

LOCHBRIDGE Raj Paul Director - M2M Solutions, LOCHBRIDGE

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ADAS and Automation: Through the Eyes of Consumers, Not Engineers

MIT Agelab Bryan Reimer Research Scientist, MIT Agelab

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Millennials and the Future of Mobility

Strategy Analytics Chris Schreiner Senior Analyst User Experience Practice, Strategy Analytics

Gridlock Sam (Former Traffic Commissioner of New York City) Sam Schwartz CEO, Gridlock Sam (Former Traffic Commissioner of New York City)

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From Pitches to Riches

The Autotech Council Liz Kerton Executive Director, The Autotech Council

MetroTech Net Inc. Christian Kotscher CEO, MetroTech Net Inc.

Civil Maps Jason Creadore Co-Founder & COO, Civil Maps

M2MD Technologies Chuck Link (Co-Founder Hughes Telematics), President & CTO, M2MD Technologies

Zentri Sanjay Kalyanasundaram VP Product, Zentri

ExoNav JD Margulici Chief Executive Officer, ExoNav

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Auto Tech and Intellectual Property Rights

United States Patent and Trademark Office Dr Christal Sheppard Director, United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Evolving Mobility & Insurance (Panel)

Ptolemus Frederic Bruneteau Managing Director, Ptolemus

The Floow Aldo Monteforte CEO, The Floow

Farmers Insurance Mariel Devesa Head of Product Innovation, Farmers Insurance

the LexisNexis Rutger Van der Wall VP Business Development, the LexisNexis

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The Internet of Cars, Cities and Things (Panel)

The Ohio State University Carla Bailo AVP - Mobility Research and Business Development, The Ohio State University

Via Zachary Wasserman VP - Strategy, Via

Laird - Connected Vehicle Solutions Guido Dornbusch Vice President of Product Management, Laird - Connected Vehicle Solutions

City of Beverly Hills John Mirisch Mayor, City of Beverly Hills

Intelematics Jason Javaherian Vice President, North America, Intelematics

Haddad and Associates Larry Haddad Proprietor, Haddad and Associates

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Zipping Towards the Future of Auto-Mobility

Zipcar Kaye Ceille President, Zipcar

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Guidelines and Regulations: Catching Up With the Pace of Autonomous Technology

Nevada DMV Jude Hurin Management Services and Programs Division, Nevada DMV

University of South Carolina School of Law Bryant Walker Smith Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Mark Rosekind Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Michigan Department of State (MDOS) James Fackler Assistant Administrator for the Customer Services Administration (CSA) , Michigan Department of State (MDOS)

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How to Make the Car Relevant Again

NNG Giles Shrimpton CEO, NNG

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The Changing Landscape of the Telematics Insurance Ecosystem: What Does it Mean for You

Verisk Insurance Solutions Jim Levendusky Vice President, Telematics, Verisk Insurance Solutions

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Dealing with Complex Connectivity

Qualcomm Matthew Eichenberger Senior Director - Business Development, Qualcomm

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Techstars Mobility, Driven by Detroit: Introducing the Class of 2016

Techstars Mobility Ted Serbinski Managing Director, Techstars Mobility

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Liability: Where Does the Blame Lie?

Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP Gail Gottehrer Partner, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP

Ronald J. Hedges LLC Judge Ron Hedges , Ronald J. Hedges LLC

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Inside the Volvo Showroom of Tomorrow

Volvo Car Group Petter Horling Director US R&D Tech Centre, Volvo Car Group

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Mind the Gap: Getting the Public On Board with Autonomy

SBD Jeff Hannah Director, North America, SBD

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The Next Big Money Maker: In-Car Digital Media (Panel)

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

IAB Joe Laszlo Vice President, Industry Initiatives, IAB

GroupM Cary Tilds Chief Innovation Officer, GroupM

Cumulus Media Ed Cohen VP, Ratings and Research, Cumulus Media

Spotify Lawrence Kennedy Senior Product Manager, Spotify

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Taking control of the map: ADAS, navigation, and video game tech

Mapbox Eric Gundersen CEO, Mapbox

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Car as a Service - Realising the Potential of the Infinite Variant

Harman Mark Searle Vice President for Development, Harman

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Commercial Ups Its Game: Platooning and Beyond (Panel)

Peloton Technology Inc. Joshua Switkes Founder and CEO, Peloton Technology Inc.

Ohio State Engineering Levent Guvenc Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State Engineering

FleetOwner Magazine Sean Kilcarr Senior Editor, FleetOwner Magazine

Ricardo Lee Barnes Senior Program Manager, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Ricardo

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The State of Play with Sensors (Panel)

Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC. Phil Magney Principal Analyst - Automotive, Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC.

NNG Stefan Werner Vice President of Sales Automotive OEM , NNG

NAFTA Region Continental Lutz Kuehnke Head of Business Unit, ADAS, NAFTA Region Continental

Qualcomm Anshuman Saxena Director, Product Management, Qualcomm

Lux Research Kyle Landry Research Associate, Lux Research

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Charting a Course for Automotive Cybersecurity

Green Hills Software Chuck Brokish Director of Automotive Business Development, Green Hills Software

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Future Proofing: Securing the Car of the Future (Panel)

SBD Andrew Hart Director, SBD

Oracle David Hofert Senior Director of Business Development for M2M and IoT Platforms, Oracle

u-blox AG Costas Meimetis Director Product Strategy, Short Range Radio Products, u-blox AG

Argus Cyber Security LaVern Sula President of North America, Argus Cyber Security

Cisco-Jasper Paul Drysch Global Director, Connected Car, Cisco-Jasper

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Moving Electrification, Connected & Autonomous Cars to Intelligent Mobility

Nissan John Schnoes Program Director - Vehicle Information Technology and Autonomous Drive, Nissan

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What Will the Auto Industry of the Future Look Like?

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

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The Changing Face of the Vehicle (Panel)

Hortonworks Grant Bodley GM Global Manufacturing Industry Solutions, Hortonworks

Jaguar Land Rover Tim Philippo Product Strategy & Cross Car Line Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Bret Scott Head of Silicon Valley Future Technologies, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Panasonic Automotive David Taylor Director Connected Services, Panasonic Automotive

Content Wards Auto Drew Winter Director, Content Wards Auto

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Cyber Security Strategies Recommended for the Automotive Industry

Lear Corporation Doug Moeller Vice President - Connectivity, Lear Corporation

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Cars: The Oil of the Smart City Engine? (Panel)

INRIX Tim Streck Director, Sales Engineering Team, INRIX

Frost & Sullivan Vishwas Shankar Automotive & Transportation Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan

Lochbridge Vijitha Chekuri Director, Connected Vehicle Services, Lochbridge

Ricardo Lee E. Barnes Portfolio Manager, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Ricardo

Center for Automotive Research Eric Paul Dennis Transportation Systems Analysis, Center for Automotive Research

The Boston Consulting Group Xavier Mosquet Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

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Mapping the Road to Autonomous Driving

TomTom Jan-Maarten de Vries VP Product Management and Marketing, TomTom

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Aligning Your Business - Transitioning From Hardware to Software-Centric

Link Motion Pasi Nieminen CEO, Link Motion

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Telematics: Streamline Claims & Accident Management (Panel)

Verisk Insurance Solutions Jim Levendusky Vice President, Telematics, Verisk Insurance Solutions

Ptolemus Matthieu Noel Senior Strategy Consultant, Ptolemus

Octo Telematics John Kramer Director of Business Development, Octo Telematics

Metromile Luke Harris Director of Claims, Metromile

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Connectivity on its Path from 4G to 5G - Consequences for the Connected Car

Ericsson Juergen Daunis Sales Director Automotive, Ericsson

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