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TU-Automotive West Coast 2016

Unlocking New Automotive Revenue Streams

Renault Sebastien Henot Business Innovation Manager, Renault

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Moving from Concept to Reality

car2go Michael Mikos CFO, car2go

ReachNow Steve Banfield CEO, ReachNow

Prospect Silicon Valley Mike Harrigan Senior Program Manager, Prospect Silicon Valley

GitHub Philip Holleran Enterprise Solutions Engineer, GitHub

TechCrunch Kristen Hall-Geisler Automotive Reporter, TechCrunch

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Selling the Tech-Centric Automobile

FordDirect David DiMeo Director, Connected Car Innovations, FordDirect

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Auto Meets Disruption; The Start-Up/OEM Relationship

Jaguar Land Rover Richard Rowe Software Development Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

GM Ventures Alisyn Malek Investment Manager, GM Ventures

Denso International America Tony Cannestra Director of Corporate Ventures, Denso International America

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, NA. Matthew Hall Manager, Business Innovation, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, NA.

Invisionate, LLC George Stepancich CEO, Invisionate, LLC

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The Recipe for Success in the Sharing Market

Strategy Analytics Derek Viita Senior Analyst, User Experience Practice, Strategy Analytics

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Putting the Consumer at the Center of the IoT

Panasonic Yuri Tsuji Product Planning & Strategy Sr. Analyst, Panasonic

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Bret Scott Head of Silicon Valley Future Technologies, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

U-Blox Stefan Gudmundsson Principal, Automotive Market Development, U-Blox

Open Mobile Alliance Joel Hoffmann Automotive Business Development Consultant, Open Mobile Alliance

Parks Associates Jennifer Kent Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates

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Understanding BMW’s Mobility Services: ReachNow and Beyond

ReachNow Steve Banfield CEO, ReachNow

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Mapping the Future of Automotive Infotainment and Autonomous Driving

TomTom Automotive Frans de Rooij Director Product Marketing, TomTom Automotive

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Intelligence On Wheels: Connected, Cognitive And Autonomous

IBM Watson Sachin Lulla Global Watson IoT for Auto Leader- GTM (Sales) & Application Development (AutoLab), IBM Watson

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Designing for New Mobility

KIA Henry Bzeih Head of Connected Car/CTO, KIA

TEAGUE Matt McElvolgue Associate Creative Director, TEAGUE

RideCell Michael Cottle Vice President Sales and Business Development, RideCell

Strategy Analytics Derek Viita Senior Analyst, User Experience Practice, Strategy Analytics

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Autotech Council Presents Start-Up Pitches and Competition

The Autotech Council Liz Kerton Executive Director, The Autotech Council

Driveway Software, Inc Roman Glukhovsky VP Business Development, Driveway Software, Inc

Visual Threat Wei Yan CEO/Co-Founder, Visual Threat

Qumulo Tom Mitchell Strategic Accounts Manager, Qumulo

Voyomotive Peter Yorke CEO, Voyomotive

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Ready, Set, Innovate!

Hyundai Ventures John Suh Managing Director, Hyundai Ventures

Strategy Analytics Greg Basich Senior Analyst - Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

Ford Motor Company Adi Singh Senior Scientist, Ford Motor Company

Synapse Partners Evangelos Simoudis Co-Founder & Managing Director, Synapse Partners

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Its Business Time! Making Mobility Pay

Strategy Analytics Greg Basich Senior Analyst - Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

GetAround Sylvano Carrasco Vice-President of Hardware and Telematics, GetAround

Kelley Blue Book Akshay Anand Manager, Commercial Insights, Kelley Blue Book

Drive Time Metrics Roderick MacKenzie Founder & CEO, Drive Time Metrics

WaiveCar Zoli Honig CTO & Co-Founder, WaiveCar

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Data Privacy and the Connected Car

Future of Privacy Forum Lauren Smith Policy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum

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Partnering to Deliver Intelligent Mobility & Cities

Frost & Sullivan Vishwas Shankar Automotive & Transportation Program Manager, Frost & Sullivan

The Ohio State University Carla Bailo AVP - Mobility Research and Business Development, The Ohio State University

ITS California Dan Lukasik Vice President, Parsons & Chair, ITS California

Olympus Sky Jörg Huser CEO & CSO, Olympus Sky

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Its Time to Think About Patents!

Orrick Richard Martinelli Intellectual Property Attorney, Orrick

Orrick Christopher Broderick Partner, Orrick

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