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Connected Car Insurance Europe 2017

Connected Car Insurance: Taking the Bull by the Horns

Generali Steve Hales Head of Connected Insurance, Generali

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Data, Evolution and Mobility. The new ecosystem of Motor Insurance

insurethebox Mike Brockman Joint Chief Executive Director, insurethebox

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The Tinderfication of Insurance

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

InsureTheBox Charlotte Halkett Marketing Actuary, InsureTheBox

GfK Jack Bergquist Automotive, Lead, GfK

Trov Ed Axon GM Business Development UK, Trov

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Breaking Through Barriers: UBI in New Markets

Vivium Jonas Onkelinx Marketing Analyst, Vivium

Greater Than AB Sten Forseke Founder, Greater Than AB

MHP Marcus Willand Associated Partner - New Mobility, MHP

Moderna Insurance Patrik Lundholm Head of Web, Moderna Insurance

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The rise of peer-to-peer carsharing and impacts on motor insurance

Turo Matheus Riolfi Head of International Expansion, Turo

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C-Level Fireside Chat: The Evolution of Motor Insurance is Connected

Ptolemus Frederic Bruneteau Managing Director, Ptolemus

Metromile Dan Preston CEO, Metromile

MAPFRE Nikos Antimissaris CEO - EMEA, MAPFRE

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Telematics is a tough business. How to leverage it with maximum effectiveness?

Groupama Group Nicolas Marescaux Group Digital Transformation - Business Transformer, Groupama Group

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Creating a More Holistic Approach Through VAS

Frost & Sullivan Niranjan Thiyagarajana Senior Consultant Automotive & Transportation, Europe, Frost & Sullivan

Grupo Next Javier Goikoetxea Gonzalez CEO, Grupo Next

Drust Michaël Fernandez-Ferri CEO & Co-Founder, Drust

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Car Makers Take the Wheel

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

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Bringing Telematics to the Mass Market

The Floow Aldo Monteforte CEO, The Floow

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Maximising ROI by total risk modelling

Redtail Telematics Colin Smithers CEO, Redtail Telematics

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Man & Machine: Is the Road Big Enough for the Both of Us?

Mapfre Sergio Gomez Recio Deputy Director for Corporate Innovation, Mapfre

Ptolemus Consulting Group Thomas Hallauer Research & Marketing Director, Ptolemus Consulting Group

Akerman Gail Gottehrer Partner, Akerman

Norwegian Council for Road Safety Magnus Jordheim Project Manager, Norwegian Council for Road Safety

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Paul Stacy Director of Verticals and Founder of Wunelli, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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Changing Nature of the Modern Vehicle

Transport for London Iain Macbeth Behaviour Change Programme Manager, Transport for London

Ageas Tim Marlow Programme Director, Ageas

Upstream - next level mobility GmbH Reinhard Birke CEO, Upstream - next level mobility GmbH

viaMAXI Andreas Nelskamp Founder & Managing Director, viaMAXI

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UBI Views from the Observatory

Connected Insurance Observatory Matteo Carbone Founder, Connected Insurance Observatory

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Putting the Connected Car at the Centre of Motor Insurance Strategy

Macif Adrien Couret Director Strategy, Transformation & Performance, Macif

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UBI 2.0 - ADAS Based UBI

Nicigo Chang Cui VP, Nicigo

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Data: The Treasure Map to the Truth for Future Claims & Fraud

SBD Tushar Singh Senior Specialist (Connected Car - Business Analytics), SBD

Weightmans Emerson Wallwork Partner, Weightmans

AiTS. Rick Ward Co-Founder and Managing Director, AiTS.

Zurich Calum McPhail Technical Claims Manager, Motor, Zurich

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Metromile - The journey

Metromile Dan Preston CEO, Metromile

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Fireside Chat: Preparing for the Mobility Revolution - Insights from the Board Room

Neckermann Strategic Advisors Lukas Neckermann Managing Director, Neckermann Strategic Advisors

HDI Versicherung AG Markus Rehle Member of the Executive Board, HDI Versicherung AG

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Setting the Standard for Insurance Telematics in Fleets

Zurich Andy Price Practice Leader Europe, Motor Fleet, Zurich

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Case Study: the UKs Autonomous Drive

TRL Ltd Iwan Parry Principal Consultant, Investigations, TRL Ltd

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Getting Ready for the Autonomous Driver Revolution

Direct Line Group Dan Freedman Head of Motor Development, Direct Line Group

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Insurtech Start-up of the Year: The Future of Connected Insurance

Ingenin Manjit Rana Founder, Ingenin

Connected Insurance Observatory Matteo Carbone Founder, Connected Insurance Observatory

Aviva Group Paul Heybourne Head of Innovation & New Business, Aviva Group

Caruma Technologies, Inc. Steve Cowper Vice President of Business Development, Europe, Caruma Technologies, Inc.

DashCamShare.Com Gareth Willoughby Co-Founder, DashCamShare.Com

Flock Ed Klinger CEO, Flock

Flowenum Teemu Ala-Hynnilä CEO, Flowenum

Mavenoid Shahan Lilja CEO & CO Founder, Mavenoid

GOFAR Alex Willard Head of Business Development EMEA, GOFAR

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Cyber-Security - The New Headache of Insurance

Weightmans LLP Kurt Rowe Associate Solicitor - Advisory and Market Affairs, Weightmans LLP

Frost & Sullivan Niranjan Thiyagarajana Senior Consultant Automotive & Transportation, Europe, Frost & Sullivan

AIG Simon Gallimore Senior Manager, Complex Claims, AIG

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Fixing the Brake Lights to Accelerate Profits

In Car Cleverness Paul O’Dowd Sales Manager, In Car Cleverness

APU Ltd & Accident Exchange Ltd Neil Thomas Director of Investigative Services, APU Ltd & Accident Exchange Ltd

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