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TU-Automotive Detroit 2017

Fireside Chat with Porsche Digital

German Autolabs Holger Weiss CEO and Founder, German Autolabs

Porsche Digital Thilo Koslowski Managing Director/CEO, Porsche Digital

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Future of Electric Mobility for the North American Market

Volkswagen Jaime Camhi Director Mobility Services, Volkswagen

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A Spectrum of Spectrums: Rolling Out the Network for True Connectivity

U-Blox Stefan Gudmundsson Principal, Automotive Market Development, U-Blox

Laird - Connected Vehicle Solutions Guido Dornbusch Vice President of Product Management, Laird - Connected Vehicle Solutions

Continental Johann Hiebl Executive Vice President, Infotainment & Connectivity Business Unit, Continental

Lixar IT Jim Provost Data Scientist, Lixar IT

General Motors Lakshmi Thanayankizil Ph.D. Wireless Connectivity Specialist, General Motors

5G Americas Michaela Vanderveen Co-leader of the Cellular V2X working group, 5G Americas

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IoTs impact on Automotive and Mobility

Aria Brendan OBrien Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder, Aria

Deloitte Sharique Ahmed Technology Strategy and Architecture Lead, Deloitte

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Digital Identity: A Competitive Differentiator for Connected Services

ForgeRock Ashley Stevenson Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

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Automotive Cybersecurity in Review

Green Hills Software Chuck Brokish Director of Automotive Business Development, Green Hills Software

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Mapping an Autonomous World

TomTom North America Paul Hohos Vice President Sales, Automotive, TomTom North America

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From Test Track to Highway: Autonomous Testing Shifts Up a Gear

Vision Systems Intelligence Danny Kim Director, Advisory Services, Vision Systems Intelligence

Lyft Robert Grant Director of Government Relations, Lyft

Perrone Robotics Paul Perrone CEO, Perrone Robotics

TomTom Nhia Cao Global Product Manager, TomTom

Valtech Jan Wiegelmann Director Data Analytics, Valtech

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Data, AI, and The Cloud: The Future of the Connected Car

Xevo Dan Gittleman CEO, Xevo

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The Impact of ADAS & AVs on Insurance

Ptolemus Frederic Bruneteau Managing Director, Ptolemus

The Floow Aldo Monteforte CEO, The Floow

Farmers Insurance Mariel Devesa Head of Product Innovation, Farmers Insurance

RPM Ventures Marc Weiser Managing Director, RPM Ventures

Assurant Chad Ammons Vice President, Global Strategy & Development, Assurant

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Expanding the Mobility Mix

car2go Michael Mikos CFO, car2go

RideCell Paul Drysch Vice President, Business Development and GM of APAC Region, RideCell

NEXT Transportation Chris Briggs Program Manager, NEXT Transportation

Magna International Dave Pascoe Vice President Engineering and R&D, Magna International

Free2Move Jens Weitzel Vice President, Business Development North America, Free2Move

City of Detroit Mark de la Vergne Chief of Mobility Innovation, City of Detroit

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Carsharing and Ridesharing. Two Services, One Fleet (And Other Ways To Increase Utilization)

RideCell Mark Thomas VP Marketing, RideCell

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Smart Cities Get Smarter with Vehicle Data

Ellis & Associates John Ellis Founder & Managing Director, Ellis & Associates

GENIVI Alliance Steve Crumb Executive Director, GENIVI Alliance

Harman Kyle Walworth VP, North America Sales, Harman

Hortonworks Michael Ger General Manager, Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive Solutions, Hortonworks

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V2X: The Car Connects to its Environment

Toyota ITC Gaurav Bansal Senior Researcher - Cooperative Automated Driving, Toyota ITC

Schagrin Consulting Michael Schagrin Consultant, Schagrin Consulting

HARMAN International Ram Iyer Director of Engineering, Telematics Business Unit, HARMAN International

Lear Praveen Singh Vice President, Lear

Ericsson Automotive Yasin Kahn Director of Strategy, Ericsson Automotive

Sand Hill Angels Drue Freeman Independent Consultant, Advisor & Investor, Sand Hill Angels

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From Competition to Collaboration: Auto-ISAC and Information Sharing for Vehicle Cybersecurity

Auto-ISAC Jonathan Allen Executive Director, Auto-ISAC

General Motors Jeffrey Massimilla Chief Product Cybersecurity Officer, Product Cybersecurity, General Motors

Hyundai Motor America Mircea Gradu Executive Director, Engineering and Quality, Hyundai Motor America

Auto-ISAC Faye Francy Executive Director, Auto-ISAC

Cummins Larry Hilkene Product Cybersecurity Leader, Cummins

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What If We Could Start Again? Connectivity Square One

SBD Andrew Hart Director, SBD

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Pivoting the Auto Industry: From Steel & Wheels to Silicon & Software

Airbiquity Scott Frank Vice President of Marketing, Airbiquity

SBD North America Jeffrey S. Hannah Director, SBD North America

Mapbox Eric Gundersen CEO, Mapbox

Cisco Jasper Krish Inbarajan Global Head of Connected Car, Cisco Jasper

Karma Automotive Ken Stewart Chief Business and Technology Officer, Karma Automotive

General Motors Kurt Hoppe Global Head of Innovation - Connected Car, General Motors

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HMI: Re-Imagining In-Car Experiences

Mapbox Eric Gundersen CEO, Mapbox

Content Wards Auto Drew Winter Director, Content Wards Auto

Mitsubishi Electric Jacek Spiewla User Experience Manager, Advanced Development, Mitsubishi Electric

Panasonic Michael Tschirhart Manager, Holistic Innovation, Advanced Engineering, Panasonic

SRI International Ajay Divakaran Technical Director, Vision and Learning at Center for Vision Technologies, SRI International

Smart Design Edward Laganis Design Engineering Director, Smart Design

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BMW Announcement

BMW of North America LLC Heini Schulz ConnectedDrive Services Manager, BMW of North America LLC

BMW Christian Clauss ConnectedDrive Project Manager, BMW

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The Connected Car. Big Data. Big Opportunities

Otonomo Ben Volkow Co-founder & CEO, Otonomo

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The Personalized and Multi-Passenger Automotive Assistant User Experience

Nuance Eric Montague Senior Director Product Marketing & Strategy Automotive, Nuance

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Cellular V2X on Road to 5G

5G Americas Michaela Vanderveen Co-leader of the Cellular V2X working group, 5G Americas

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Exhibitor Elevator Pitches

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Autonomous vehicle validation - Accelerate time to market and Optimize costs using a simulator based approach

Sasken Ram Ramaseshan Senior VP and Head, Automotive and Industrials Business Units, Sasken

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Peak Hardware? Gear Up for the connected vehicle ecosystem!

Ericsson Claes Herlitz Head of Automotive, Ericsson

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Future Proof Telematics

Octo Telematics Jonathan Hewett CMO, Octo Telematics

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Beyond 5G - Delivering the Radically Connected and Safe Car Experience

Kymeta Tom Freeman SVP, Land Mobile, Kymeta

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Radio At The Heart of A New Infotainment Experience

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

Ford Scott Burnell Global Lead, Business Development & Partner Management, Ford

NextRadio Derek Rohloff Vice President of Automotive Business Development, NextRadio

Xperi Bob Dillon Vice President, Connected Radio, Xperi

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Securing and Managing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

Covisint David Miller Chief Security Office, Covisint

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Laying the Foundations for Secure Future Connectivity

Strategy Analytics Greg Basich Senior Analyst - Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

MIT Tina Srivastava Strategic Engineering Research Group, MIT

Oberthur Technologies Clyde Harris VP - BD & Sales - Connected Car, M2M and IoT - Americas, Oberthur Technologies

Harman Geoff Wood Director of Business Development for Automotive Cyber Security, North America, Harman

Argus Cyber Security Meg Novacek Executive Director Business Development in North America, Argus Cyber Security

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Autonomy: The State Perspective

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles April Sanborn DMV Services Manager III, Management Services & Programs Division, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Michigan DoT Kirk Steudle Director, Michigan DoT

Wall Street Journal Chester Dawson Senior Reporter, Wall Street Journal

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Open Standards Pave the Way for Safe and Secure Autonomous Vehicles

Wind River Marques McCammon General Manager, Connected Vehicle Solutions, Wind River

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Sensor Tech: Perceiving the Road Ahead

Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC. Phil Magney Principal Analyst - Automotive, Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC.

Navigant Research Sam Abuelsamid Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research

Texas Instruments Sudipto Bose Marketing Director, Texas Instruments

Changan US R&D Center, Inc Radovan Miucic Technical Specialist, Changan US R&D Center, Inc

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Co-Creating the Future of Mobility

General Motors Peter Kosak Executive Director, Urban Mobility Programs, General Motors

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Tactics for Corporates to Engage with Startups to Drive Innovation

Techstars Mobility Ted Serbinski Managing Director, Techstars Mobility

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Urban Planning for Tomorrow’s Car and City

Centre for Automotive Research Richard Wallace Director Transportation Systems Analysis, Centre for Automotive Research

City of Beverly Hills Grayson Brulte Co-Chair, Autonomous Vehicle Task Force, City of Beverly Hills

City of Detroit Mark de la Vergne Chief of Mobility Innovation, City of Detroit

Zipcar Justin Holmes Director, Corporate Communications & Public Policy, Zipcar

Ericsson John Barney VP Sales, Transportation Sector, Ericsson

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Car sharing: Building on the foundations of mobility

Vulog Alex Thibault VP Business Development - North America, Vulog

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Fireside Chat with Ford Smart Mobility

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

Ford Smart Mobility LLC Raj Rao CEO, Ford Smart Mobility LLC

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Changing the Shape of Society with Autonomous Vehicles

HARMAN International Steve Surhigh VP & GM of Applications Services, HARMAN International

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Unlocking New Automotive Revenue Streams

Aria Brendan OBrien Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder, Aria

Cumulus Media Ed Cohen VP, Ratings and Research, Cumulus Media

CCC Information Services Inc. Marc Fredman Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Development, CCC Information Services Inc.

Claro Partners Chris Massot Partner, Claro Partners

Dealer-FX David Sturtz Chief Marketing Officer, Dealer-FX

Octo Telematics North America Cletus Nunes Director of Sales, Octo Telematics North America

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Fireside Chat: How Cox Automotive built a unified software UX

GitHub Matthew McCullough Director of Field Services, GitHub

Cox Automotive Inc. Mark Huber Director, Engineering Capability Solutions, Cox Automotive Inc.

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Role of AI and Blockchain Technologies in the Transformation of Auto Industry

IBM Rajiv Phougat Chief Technologist, Strategy and Solutions, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, IBM

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Connectivity & Autonomy - Working Together in Perfect Harmony?

KIA Henry Bzeih Head of Connected Car/CTO, KIA

Lux Research Kyle Landry Research Associate, Lux Research

Orange Business Services Julien Masson Head of Connected Car, Orange Business Services

University of Southern California Bhaskar Krishnamachari Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Southern California

BMW Oliver Rumpf-Steppat Head of Product Requirements, Development and Connected Drive, BMW

u-blox Nikolaos Papadopoulos Senior Vice President Strategy, u-blox

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The Aftermarket Claims Its Piece of the Pie

Mobile Devices Aaron Solomon CEO, Mobile Devices

Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association Chris Gardner Vice President, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association

Octo Telematics North America Steven Fernandes Director of Innovation, Octo Telematics North America

Automotive Services Association Donny Seyfer Chairman, Automotive Services Association

Lemur Monitors James Fish VP Business Development, Lemur Monitors

Verisk Insurance Solutions Russ Oldham Director of IoT Product Management, Verisk Insurance Solutions

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The Role of the SDK in Infotainment: Apps, Connectivity, Security, Data, and Performance

Aicas, Inc David Beberman Director of Business Development, Aicas, Inc

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Autotech Council Presents: From Pitches to Riches

The Autotech Council Liz Kerton Executive Director, The Autotech Council

Silexica Inc. Kumar Venkatramani V.P, Business Development, Silexica Inc.

Predii Tilak Kasturi Founder & CEO, Predii

Drive Time Metrics Roderik MacKenzie CEO, Drive Time Metrics

Capstone Financial Group Dan Smith President, Capstone Financial Group

Alpine Technology Fund Koichi Kanda Managing Director, Alpine Technology Fund

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Start-Up Pitches Day 2

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Collaborating in the Race to Automation

Intel Doug Davis Senior vice president and general manager of the Automated Driving Group, Intel

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Enhancing the Customer Relationship through Telematics

Verisk Insurance Solutions Dawn Mortimer AVP IoT/Telematics Claims Leader, Verisk Insurance Solutions

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“The Caddyshack Guide” to Making the Most of Connected Car Data

CCC Andreas Hecht SVP and GM of OEM, CCC

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Deliver a Secure and Resilient Vehicle Architecture

Lear Corportation Andre Weimerskirch VP Global Cyber Security, Lear Corportation

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Building Cybersecurity Standards & Best Practice

Strategy Analytics Greg Basich Senior Analyst - Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) Patrick O’Connor Member of Board, National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA)

w3c Dr Jeff Jaffe CEO, w3c

FirstData Jeffrey Gheraldi Director Global National Accounts, FirstData

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V2X and Autonomous Driving is a “two-way street”

u-blox AG Costas Meimetis Director Product Strategy, Short Range Radio Products, u-blox AG

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Kiss SiGe goodbye: Making radar smaller and more precise

Texas Instruments Sudipto Bose Marketing Director, Texas Instruments

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New Software Approaches for the Safe and Secure Vehicle

Blackberry QNX Thomas Bloor Director, Sales and Business Development, Blackberry QNX

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Commercial Vehicles Lead the Way with Autonomy

Navistar Darren Gosbee Vice President - Engineering, Navistar

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Digitizing the Car

Cisco Jasper Krish Inbarajan Global Head of Connected Car, Cisco Jasper

Cisco Jasper Shaun Kirby Director, Automotive & Connected Car, Product Management, Cisco Jasper

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Sync the Smart Car with the Smart City

ABI Research James Hodgson Research Analyst - Autonomous Driving and Location Tech, ABI Research

The Ohio State University Carla Bailo AVP - Mobility Research and Business Development, The Ohio State University

ForgeRock Ashley Stevenson Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

Gemalto Kate Migon Sales Director Automotive Americas, Gemalto

MEDC Kevin Kerrigan Senior Vice President, Automotive Office, MEDC

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In-Vehicle Infotainment for a Hyper-Personalized User Experience

Panasonic Andrew Poliak VP, Product Planning & Innovation, Panasonic

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Creating a Trusted New Mobility Ecosystem

Gemalto Michael Tworek Head of Marketing, Automotive, Gemalto

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Beyond Connectivity & Above the Cloud

WirelessCar Martin Rosell Managing Director, WirelessCar

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Benchmarking Best of Breed Mobility Service Providers

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

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Consumer Acceptance of Automation

JD Power Kristin Kolodge Executive Director - HMI & Driver Interaction, JD Power

National Safety Council Alex Epstein Senior Director, Digital Strategy and Content, National Safety Council

Tourmaline Labs Dr Lukas Kuhn CTO, Tourmaline Labs

AAA Greg Brannon Director, Automotive Engineering, AAA

Mitsubishi Electric Gareth Williams Director of Advanced Development, Mitsubishi Electric

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Investing In Success: VCs Speak Out

Fontinalis Partners Chris Thomas Founder and Partner, Fontinalis Partners

Denso International America Tony Cannestra Director of Corporate Ventures, Denso International America

IDC Manufacturing Insights Heather Ashton Research Manager, Service Innovation and Connected Products, IDC Manufacturing Insights

GM Ventures Sean Simpson Investment Manager, GM Ventures

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AI: The Missing Link in Personalizing the Auto UX

Connected Vehicle Trade Association Scott McCormick President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association

Mahindra & Mahindra Sirish Batchu General Manager, Head - Infotronics Technology, Mahindra & Mahindra

IBM Watson Sachin Lulla Global Watson IoT for Auto Leader- GTM (Sales) & Application Development (AutoLab), IBM Watson

Xevo John Cordell Chief Product Officer, Xevo

Gracenote James Byun Global Vice President, Auto, Gracenote

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The Holy Grail: Monetizable Connected Vehicles

Valtech US Joacim Jeppesen Managing Director, Valtech US

Valtech US Norman Palmhof Principal Automotive Consultant, Valtech US

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Simplifying the complexity of in-car connectivity

HDBaseT Alliance Micha Risling Chair of the Marketing Committee, HDBaseT Alliance

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UBI Data: The Enabler for a New Era of Connected Motor Insurance

Pinnacle Actuarial Resources Gary Wang Consulting Actuary, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

Verisk Insurance Solutions Jim Levendusky Vice President, Telematics, Verisk Insurance Solutions

TU-Automotive Andrew Pym Head of Insurance, TU-Automotive

Arity Grady Irey VP Data Science and Analytics, Arity

Willis Towers Watson Geoff Werner UBI Global Product Leader, Willis Towers Watson

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Start-Up Pitches 2017

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Exhibitor Elevator Pitches Day 2

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