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TU Automotive Japan 2018 - English

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Takaaki Sugiura Principal Researcher, Group Leader, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

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Big data and data monetisation - extracting the right data and turning it into a value proposition

Frost & Sullivan Vivek Vaidya Sr. Vice President, Mobility, Frost & Sullivan

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The future of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Continental Automotive Japan K.K. Dr. Daisuke Emmanji Head of I S&T Japan Systems & Technology, Interior Division, Continental Automotive Japan K.K.

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Critical Considerations for Scaling Your Connected Car Platform

Solace Tomo Yamaguchi Country Manager Japan, Solace

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Panel Discussion: Blockchain: The holy grail for the automotive industry?

Tractica Aditya Kaul Research Director, Tractica

International University of Japan Soichiro Takagi Professor, Executive Research Fellow, General Manager Research Division Center, Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan

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MBF: Japan, Tech Trends, and Mobility

Mercedes-Benz Finance Co., Ltd./ Daimler Insurance Services japan Co., Ltd. Hans-Georg von Gumppenberg Representative Director and CFO, Mercedes-Benz Finance Co., Ltd./ Daimler Insurance Services japan Co., Ltd.

Mercedes-Benz Japan Alisa Ishikawa Treasurer, Corporate Finance, Mercedes-Benz Japan

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Disruptive innovations - the trends that are defining the industry

Brains Technology, Inc. Sawako Hamanaka Chief Executive Officer, Brains Technology, Inc.

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Panel Discussion: Smart Cities - how will emerging technologies impact on smart city design?

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology NICT Koji Nakao Research Executive Director, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology NICT

Gunma University Takeki Ogitsu Deputy Director-General, Gunma University

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Next generation security architecture for vehicles

Panasonic Hideki Matsushima Department Chief, Security Technology Research Department, Intelligent Mobility Research Laboratory, Panasonic

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How mobility will impact Japan and the World

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot Associate Director Automotive Multimedia & Communications Service, Strategy Analytics

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The road to Society 5.0 - Government’s Vision for the future

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Gaku Nakazato Director, new generation mobile communications office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

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How 5G is paving the way for a new era of connected cars

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Toshiro Muramatsu Deputy general manager, telematics engineering group, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

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Is 5G the evolutionary path to autonomous driving?

NTT docomo Hidekazu Fukai , NTT docomo

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Accelerator Showcase - Accelerators and Incubators showcase 2 of their hottest start-ups in the is fast paced finale to day one.

Mistletoe Inc. Tetsu Nakajima Chief Investment Officer, Mistletoe Inc.

WOTA Shohei Okudera Co-Founder, WOTA

Magellan Systems Japan Nobuhiro Kishimoto President & CEO, Magellan Systems Japan

Plug and Play Japan Shingo Ehara Mobility Director, Plug and Play Japan

Trillium Secure Yukihiro Yamamoto Senior Director of Business Development & Operation, Trillium Secure

ITD Labs Saneyoshi Keiji Chairman, ITD Labs

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Fireside Chat: CONNECTED: From cars to services, the role of UCD and the new economy of the automobile.

ustwo auto Lars Rosengren Product Lead and UX Designer, ustwo auto

Renault-Nissan Alliance Sean Miyazawa Alliance General Manager, Global UX Design, Renault-Nissan Alliance

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System Design for Flying Cars

Keio University Masaru Nakano Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM), Keio University

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Rethinking your business model to manage change

Intel K.K. / Nagoya University Tsuguo Nobe Architect and Director/ Visiting Associate Professor, Intel K.K. / Nagoya University

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Humanising Autonomy

ustwo auto Lars Rosengren Product Lead and UX Designer, ustwo auto

ustwo auto Mayu Nakumaka Product Design Lead, ustwo auto

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China’s Car Revolution - The future of Automotive

SBD Automotive Victor Zhang Director China, SBD Automotive

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Collaborate & Integrate! Deliver a Fully Digital Customer Journey Together

Xevo Koji Hosaka President of Xevo KK and GM of Automotive, Xevo

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Voice and the personal assistant: What is the car of the future going to look like?

Denso IT Laboratory Inc. Yuji Hirabayashi Executive Advisor, Denso IT Laboratory Inc.

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Acknowledging the elephant in the room: Is a fully autonomous future achievable?

TierIV, Inc/ Nagoya University Yoshiki Ninomiya Director/ Professor, TierIV, Inc/ Nagoya University

Bloomberg NEF Ali Izadi Head of Intelligent Mobility, Bloomberg NEF

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Location Intelligence Empowers Innovation for Automotive

ESRI Japan Hideyuki Fujisawa Director, Marketing Division, ESRI Japan

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From Ownership to Usership, the car as a service

Orange Kent Chang IoT Client Director, Orange

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Smartifying the automobile - The final frontier of the next generation of smart products

AT&T Japan Manabu Oka President, AT&T Japan

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Market Update: AI for Automotive Applications

Tractica Clint Wheelock Managing Director, Tractica

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