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Telematics Europe 2007

Cool convergence and the Value-Chain Evolution

Gartner Andrew Hughes Senior Analyst, Gartner

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WORKSHOP: Get yourself ready for the eCall requirements of in-vehicle systems

Wavecom Pierre Piver Group Vice President, Automotive, Wavecom

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Next generation standards: keeping in-car infotainment in pace with consumer lifestyles

Siemens VDO Automotive Bernhard Klein Head of Project Portfolio Development, Siemens VDO Automotive

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Killer content: the video, audio and traffic users want in their cars

iSuppli Egil Juliussen, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, iSuppli

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The value of in-vehicle voice

Locutio Voice Technologies Ltd Chris Hilton CEO, Locutio Voice Technologies Ltd

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When the car and mobile phone collide

Delphi Europe Magnus Ostberg Chief Engineer Telematics Entertainment & Communications, Delphi Europe

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Panel: Global Telematics and Mobile Devices

Ford Christian Ress Research Engineer, Ford

Gartner Andrew Hughes Senior Analyst, Gartner

Onstar Krish Inbarajan Manager, Strategy Planning & New Business Development, Onstar

Vodafone Christian Birle Senior Technology Manager, Vodafone

Cross Country Automotive Services William Tolhurst Senior Director - Advanced Solutions, Cross Country Automotive Services

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Excite and enhance the consumer experience - new applications and features for infotainment systems

Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH Thomas Krippgans Manager Marketing & Business Development Speech Dialog Systems, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH

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Old paradigms + new technologies = flexible infotainment architecture

Delphi Europe Gerald Busse Chief Engineer Navigation and Displays Entertainment & Communications, Delphi Europe

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Automotive telecommunications and consumer electronics

Nissan Motor Co. Tsuguo Nobe General Manager, Nissan Motor Co.

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OEM perspective: digital radio developments

Audi Stefan Sellschopp Project Director CarIT, Audi

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Panel: Entertainment - the success story of telematics in the next 5-10 years

iSuppli Egil Juliussen, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, iSuppli

Blaupunkt Thomas Noserke Mrkting Mger Systems & Innovations, Blaupunkt

WirelessCar Greg Gieselhart Marketing and Industry Relations, WirelessCar

Gracenote Vadim Brenner Senior Product Manager, Gracenote

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Panel: World Wide Wireless: the fat pipes to fat profits

TelematicsPRO e.V. Michael Sandrock Chairman, TelematicsPRO e.V.

Aeris.net Paul Drysch VP of Sales, Aeris.net

Bluetooth SIG Anders Edlund Marketing Director, Bluetooth SIG

Detecon Inc Daniel Kellmereit Head of Strategy & Marketing, Detecon Inc

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Changes to in-car architecture - the path to future proof cars

Gatespace Telematics Christer Larsson VP EMEA, OSGi Alliance and CEO, Gatespace Telematics

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Panel: Need for nav: taking consumer interest in navigation and traffic to the next level

Panasonic Automotive Systems Hakan Kostepen Advanced Product Strategy, Panasonic Automotive Systems

iPUBLISH GmbH Carsten Leininger Managing Director, iPUBLISH GmbH

PTV AG Boris Wagner Senior Sales Manager Telematic Solutions, PTV AG

Webraska Olivier Lahaye Sales Director, Webraska

Spansion International Inc Peter Heinrich Marketing Manager, Spansion International Inc

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Panel: Synched up: connecting consumers cars to their home media centres

ADT Doug Landaeta Senior Product Manager for Mobile Safety Products, ADT

Consumer Electronics Association Dave Wilson Director, Technology & Standards, Consumer Electronics Association

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Masaya Nishinaka Manager - Product Planning Group, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company

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