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Navigation & Location USA 2008

Opening Keynote panel: The GREAT navigation evolution debate

Gartner Thilo Koslowski Lead Automotive Analyst, Gartner

Networks in Motion Steve Andler VP Marketing, Networks in Motion

Google Kiley McEvoy Product Manager - Automotive & Navigation, Google

Nokia Janne P. Salminen Head of Context & Advertising Services, Americas, Nokia

Magellan Jim Nardulli Director Content & Services, Magellan

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Case Study: Connected platforms change the navigation game

Dash Navigation Inc. Jim Geison Senior VP of Business Development, Dash Navigation Inc.

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There Is Life Between The Streets - Taking LBS To Where The Money Is

Whatamap.com Antti Saarinen CEO, Whatamap.com

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Perfecting the user interface design

Motorola Mobile Devices Business Blake Bullock Product Manager, Location Solutions, Motorola Mobile Devices Business

C.J. Driscoll & Associates Clem Driscoll Co-Founder & President, C.J. Driscoll & Associates

QNX Andrew Poliak Automotive Segment Manager, QNX

Tellme Adam Elman Sr User Experience Engineer, Tellme

Volkswagen Group of America Jonathan Lee Senior Engineer, Volkswagen Group of America

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The roadmap ahead...

Urban Mapping Inc. Ian White CEO, Urban Mapping Inc.

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NAVTEQ Presentation: Content for enabling pedestrian navigation and multi-modal pedestrian routing

NAVTEQ Ogi Redzic Director - Global Pedestrian, Visual & Voice Products, NAVTEQ

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Super Panel Debate: What will it take for location-based advertising to take off?

Nokia Point & Find Stefano Landi Head of Business Development, Nokia Point & Find

Garmin Roger Jollis Director of Garmin OEM & Mobile Marketing, Garmin

NAVTEQ Media Solutions David Klein VP Advertising Sales, NAVTEQ Media Solutions

Peterson Mobility Lisa Peterson President, Peterson Mobility

1020 Placecast Blair Swedeen VP Market Development, 1020 Placecast

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Application distribution channels explored!

TechnoCom Mario Proietti CTO, TechnoCom

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Next generation location positioning technologies

Qualcomm Dave Reid Senior Manager, Business Development, Qualcomm

SkyhookWireless Jed Rice Vice President Market Development, SkyhookWireless

ABI Research Dominique Bonte Practice Director Telematics and Navigation, ABI Research

Broadcom David Murray Director of Marketing, GPS Business Unit, Wireless Connectivity Group, Broadcom

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Venture Capitalist panel: Funding businesses in the LBS space

Soleil Group Peter Friedland Analyst, Soleil Group

Menlo Ventures Shawn Carolan Managing Director, Menlo Ventures

VantagePoint Venture Partners David Rolf Vice President, VantagePoint Venture Partners

Venrock Dev Khare Vice President, Venrock

Norwest Venture Jeff Crowe General Partner, Norwest Venture

Voyager Capital Jodi Sherman Jahic Partner, Voyager Capital

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Super panel debate: How to create next generation navigation services using connectivity

DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology North America , Inc. Kal Mos Engineering Manager, DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology North America , Inc.

T-Mobile John Horn National Director, VAR Channel, T-Mobile

BMW Group Technology Office Jeff Zabel Senior Engineer, BMW Group Technology Office

M2MV, LLC Roger Dewey President, M2MV, LLC

Trajectory Group Ralf Hug President, Trajectory Group

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CASE STUDY: Exploring the growing role of Speech technologies in navigation

DeCarta (formely Telcontar) Marc Prioleau VP Marketing, DeCarta (formely Telcontar)

Loquendo Luisa Cordano Sales Manager Embedded, Loquendo

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Safeguarding consumers with watertight location protection

T-Mobile John Horn National Director, VAR Channel, T-Mobile

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Opening Keynote presentation: Unlock new revenues through the web

Microsoft Virtual Earth Chris Pendleton Virtual Earth Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Virtual Earth

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Keynote presentation: User-generated content: will consumers become a key source of generating, updating and sharing POIs?

TomTom Tom Murray VP Market Dvelopment, TomTom

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Navigation/LBS for the masses

AND Automotive Navigation Data Maarten Oldenhof CEO, AND Automotive Navigation Data

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Can LBS applications be free?

Panasonic Automotive Systems Hakan Kostepen Advanced Product Strategy, Panasonic Automotive Systems

Jentro Kate Edwards CEO North America, Jentro

Trimble Navigation Rich Rudow Director, Trimble Navigation

Mobileslate Eric Chan Mobile Evangelist, Mobileslate

Palm Inc. Dave Daetz Senior Director - Corporate Development, Palm Inc.

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Super panel session: A look into the future - Traffic 3.0

Inrix Scott Sedlik Vice President of Marketing, Inrix

ABI Research Dominique Bonte Practice Director Telematics and Navigation, ABI Research

Mio Technology USA Kiyoshi Hamai Senior Director Sales & Product Management, Mio Technology USA

Networks In Motion Mark Neff Senior Director of Business Development, Networks In Motion

Tellme Adam Elman Sr User Experience Engineer, Tellme

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How Deep Is Your Map?

GeoSpot Joe Chen CEO, GeoSpot

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Navigation vs. orientation: Solutions for the mass market

Jentro Kate Edwards CEO North America, Jentro

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Traffic shoot-out!

Clear Channel Traffic/Total Traffic Network Len Konecny National Director, Business Development, Clear Channel Traffic/Total Traffic Network

Inrix Scott Sedlik VP Marketing, Inrix

SpeedInfo Doug Finlay CEO, SpeedInfo

Hughes Telematics Marc Gordan Product Manager, Hughes Telematics

iSuppli Danny Kim Global Analyst - Portable Devices & LBS Research, iSuppli

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Keynote presentation: The Advent of Open Location

Yahoo! Inc. Tyler Bell Advanced Products Manager - Geo Technologies, Yahoo! Inc.

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Social Networking Insight: Mobile social mapping

Loopt Eric Carr VP of Location Technologies, Loopt

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Updated session! Developing pedestrian navigation applications

NAVITIME JAPAN Co. Ltd. Kanji Morishima General Manager - Global Business Division, NAVITIME JAPAN Co. Ltd.

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Content management: aggregation and bundled services

Garmin Clint Steiner Senior Manager, Garmin

Mio Technology USA Kiyoshi Hamai Senior Director Sales & Product Management, Mio Technology USA

ALLTEL Wireless Kendal Koontz Manager Product Marketing - Advanced Data Solutions, ALLTEL Wireless

WeatherBug Chris Brozenick Vice President, Mobile, WeatherBug

InfoUSA Pankaj Mathur VP Sales - Data licensing division, InfoUSA

Strategy Analytics Thomas R. Elliott Vice President, North American Consulting, Strategy Analytics

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