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Consumer Telematics Show 2011

Driving Forces & Market Strategies for Telematics Convergence with the CE World

Gartner Thilo Koslowski Lead Automotive Analyst, Gartner

Gracenote Ty Roberts CTO and Co-founder, Gracenote

General Motors Partha Goswami Technology Manager - R&D and Planning, General Motors

Hughes Telematics Fred Blumer Vice President of Aftermarket and Data Services, Hughes Telematics

Verizon Wireless Sai Yagnyamurthy Manager - Strategy, Verizon Wireless

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Gen Y: The Next Generation Telematics Buyer

HUGHES Telematics Kevin Link VP and Co-Founder, HUGHES Telematics

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Winning Business Models for Connected Automotive Applications

TeleNav Hassan Wahla Senior Director, Business Development, TeleNav

Kia Motors America Henry Bzeih National Manager, Connected Car, Kia Motors America

Trajectory Group Ralf Hug President, Trajectory Group

Harman International Rick Kreifeldt Vice President, Harman International

ESPN Patrick Polking Senior Director, ESPN

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Evolving Carrier Strategies Mapped Out!

M2MV Roger Dewey President, M2MV

Sprint Nextel Tim Johnson Strategic Opportunities Manager, Sprint Nextel

T-Mobile Angel Mercedes Business Development Manager - Telematics, T-Mobile

Verizon Wireless Sai Yagnyamurthy Manager - Strategy, Verizon Wireless

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Human Machine Interface (HMI): The Latest Battleground of Infotainment

QNX Andrew Poliak Automotive Segment Manager, QNX

Mcnamara Technology Solutions David Mcnamara President, Mcnamara Technology Solutions

Delphi Doug Welk Advanced Engineering Supervisor, Delphi

Toyota Motor Sales USA John P. McLaughlin National Manager, Toyota Motor Sales USA

Visteon Michael Tschirhart Technical Fellow and Advanced HMI Manager, Visteon

Ford Motor Company Jim Buczkowski Henry Ford Technical Fellow and Director of Electrical and Electronic Systems for Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company

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Deliver In-Car User Experiences Fit for the Daily Driver

Continental Corporation Business Unit Infotainment and Connectivity Andrew Krehmeyer Manager, Business Development and Partnerships Interior Division, Continental Corporation Business Unit Infotainment and Connectivity

Ford Motor Company David Gersabeck Product Manager - SYNC Traffic Directions and Information, Ford Motor Company

INRIX Bill Schwebel Senior Vice President of Marketing, INRIX

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc Kal Mos Senior Engineering Director, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc

Toyota Motor Sales Michelle L Avary National Sales and Marketing Manager, Advanced Technology Department, Toyota Motor Sales

Pandora George Lynch Vice President, Automotive Business Development, Pandora

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Digital Media on the Go: Seamless Consumer Entertainment Experience from the Home into the Car

Rovi Corporation Zac Johnson Product Manager, Rovi Corporation

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