Panel: Who will serve the iGeneration customers?

Fulcrum Global Partners Peter Friedland
Managing Director Equity Research, Fulcrum Global Partners

Gartner Thilo Koslowski
Lead Automotive Analyst, Gartner

Tom Tom Anne Louise Hanstrad
Vice President Marketing, Tom Tom

  • Will vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers, network carriers and personal telematics companies co-exist in harmony or fight for the customer?
  • Discover why personal device manufacturers are the real winners in the telematics market today and why not everyone will benefit equally in the future
  • Will the market be large enough to support all companies?  Where role will vehicle manufacturers play in the future?
  • What potential collaboration opportunities exist? What obstacles need to be overcome?
  • What did companies do to successfully market their offerings? How can companies meet consumers growing expectations and justify premium prices long-term?

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