Customize EV Tech. to Suit Fleet Applications

Electrification Coalition Sam Ori
Director of Policy, Electrification Coalition

Remy International Kent Jones
Vice President - Global Business Development, Remy International

Azure Dynamics Jim Trask
VP of Business Development, Azure Dynamics

Dow Kokam Earl Bloom
Global Sales Director, Dow Kokam

Compare the differing PHEV/EV technologies such as retrofitting drive trains to existing vehicles versus fully electric LCVs, hybrid LCVs and the options available for heavy duty trucks

  • An overview of each of the available PHEV/EV technologies including retrofitting existing vehicles, to heavy duty truck options to build partnerships across the vehicle types for market gain
  • Understand the benefits of differing PHEV / EV technologies such as ease of vehicle operation and ergonomics to get to grips with the synergies each has with varying fleet applications
  • Understand OEM relationships with fleet managers and the resulting vehicle and tech. upgrades to ascertain where to make partnershipsfor masssolution deployment

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