Fleet Managers Divulge Key PHEV/EV Requirements

Electric Transport Advisors Richard Canny
President, Electric Transport Advisors

Navistar Mark Aubry
Vice President Sales & Marketing, Navistar

GE Capital Fleet Services John Wilhelm
Strategic Customer Manager, GE Capital Fleet Services

FedEx Dennis Beal
Vice President Global Vehicles, FedEx

Smith Electric Bryan Hansel
Chief Executive Officer, Smith Electric

Discover fleet managers’ requirements such as speed and ease of operation capabilities for PHEV / EVs to be a viable option to complete the required application efficiently

  • Get to grips with vital battery tech requirements   such as high capacity, low weight and long lifecycle to understand fleet managers’ perspectives and position your solutions accordingly
  • Understand the need for intuitive operational capabilities and familiar internal vehicle design to gain driver acceptance and drive uptake
  • Analyze fleet manager requirements for after-sale care and roadside assistance offerings to add viable value added services to build  customer confidence

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