Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration and the Connected Vehicle I

Cargroup Steve Underwood
Research Scientist, Cargroup

Michigan Department of Transportation Greg Kreuger
n/a, Michigan Department of Transportation

Connected Vehicle Trade Association and Proving Center Rick Noens
Motorola, Connected Vehicle Trade Association and Proving Center

Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration (VII) Consortium Scott Andrews
n/a, Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration (VII) Consortium

This session addresses wireless mobile communication for road transportation that connects vehicles, telecommunications-infrastructure, and the infrastructure of the highway.  It is made up of three elements: the connected vehicle, the smart roadway infrastructure, and the telecommunications infostructure.  These interoperable elements will communicate via satellite, cellular phone, Wi-Fi, DSRC, and a variety of other potential pipelines between the vehicles and infrastructure and will interface to support the testing of products and services designed to make driving easier and safer, as well as provide a range of potential services to drivers, vehicle owners, automotive companies, public agencies, and other prospective service providers. 

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