HMI: The Key to Unlocking the Telematics User Experience

General Motors Partha Goswami
Technology Manager - R&D and Planning, General Motors

Toyota Motor Sales USA John P. McLaughlin
National Manager, Toyota Motor Sales USA

Panasonic John Avery
Group Manager, Advanced Development, Panasonic

Mcnamara Technology Solutions David Mcnamara
President, Mcnamara Technology Solutions

QNX Andy Poliak
Director - Business Development Automotive, QNX

Debate the significant developments in HMI (human machine interface) technology and learn how to leverage the importance of a seamless end-to-end user experience to achieve market penetration.

  • Touch screen vs. voice recognition vs. haptics vs. what's next. Debate which latest tech. developments like natural language recognition are crucial to an intuitive user experience
  • Discuss whether a certified UI process would encourage consumer confidence in telematics through establishing a predictable benchmark for the telematics user experience 
  • Explore how new UI concepts from the CES floor will be integrated with auto-centric features such as ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems)to promote safer driving

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