Overcome Charging Concerns to Convince Consumers

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Robert Langford
Manager, Electric Vehicle, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Pike Research Lisa Jerram
Senior Analyst, Pike Research

NEMA Harry Massey
Industry Director, NEMA

EVITP Bernie Kotlier
Co-Chair, EVITP

We discuss the methods being employed to connect EVs with charging stations to establish an optimum means of charge whilst collecting vital data and achieving interoperability.

  • Discuss the need for intelligent connectivity to charging infrastructure through tech. such as the ‘Combo’ or Power Line Communications (PLC) to understand product demand
  • Consider the argument for the ‘combined charging system’ against the CHAdeMO standard to establish a harmonized and interoperable charging infrastructure
  • Re-assess the need for public infrastructure and review home charging usage stats and business models between charging manufacturers and OEMs to align investments

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