The Use-Case for Telematics within EVs

Airbiquity Sheldon Fisher
Product Manager, Airbiquity

IHS Automotive Kevin Hamlin
Analyst, IHS Automotive

Coulomb Ed Taylor
Director - Product Marketing, Coulomb

Hear how the latest in telematics and related technologies will help dispel ‘range anxiety’ to increase the uptake of EVs.

  • Learn how to use telematics solutions such as advanced eco-mapping and daily routine co-ordination and partner with key players to support charging infrastructure and satisfy consumers’ needs
  • Analyze how battery management systems and diagnostics applications serve to administer the EVs’ most valuable asset to ensure vehicle performance and longevity
  • How to personalize and bundle traditional LBS applications such as traffic, weather etc. with EV applications such as remote charging to offer enhanced performance and range

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