V2X Technology - Advances in EU projects

Denso Tim Leinmueller
Info & Safety Engineering Department, Denso

Ericsson Rene Rembarz
Program Manager Telematics, Ericsson

BMW Markus Bauer
Active Concepts and Integrated Safety, BMW

ESCRYPT Marko Wolf
Embedded Security, ESCRYPT

TSE Consulting Hans-Joachim Schade
n/a, TSE Consulting

ASFINAG Bernd Datler
Technical Director, ASFINAG

Learn from the early movements of European projects such as Drive C2X, CoCarX, simTD and SARTRE to form initial partnerships with OEMs and roadside operators and capitalize on infrastructure deployment opportunities

  • Explore how to enhance Car-2-Car deployment through joint usage of cellular communications and Wireless LAN to bring a range of core services quickly to market e.g. stationary vehicle warning
  • Understand which current and future Car-2-Car technologies, such as road train tech, will threaten or overlap with ADAS functionalities to gauge whom you need to partner with to prepare for this shift
  • Discuss the road operator’s roles in implementing communication tech that can support road network management and support collision avoidance activities to establish how OEMs and road operators will need to interact to support V2I activities

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