Telematics for Electric Vehicles 2012

Nissan-Europe Olivier Paturet
General Manager, Zero Emissions Unit, Nissan-Europe

BMW Holger Braess
Corporate Strategy and Planning, BMW

Continental Herbert Halamek
Key Project Manager eMobility Solutions, Continental

McKinsey & Company Eric Hannon
Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

Consumer ‘range anxiety’ and lengthy charging periods are just two of the challenges that the EV industry must overcome. Discover how telematics can be used for EVs to address these challenges.

  • How to personalise LBS applications such as traffic, weather etc. with EV applications such as remote charging to offer enhanced performance and range
  • Discuss privacy and data security concerns and ascertain how to communicate to customers the benefit of giving up the data that is paramount to effective EV management
  • Analyse the role of telematics as the enabler for smart charging infrastructure and the requirements of an integrated billing, accounting, smart metering and back-end solutions package

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