Telematics in India - An OEM Perspective

Volvo India Private Limited Chandrika Shetty
VGT India Head, Volvo India Private Limited

As open source platforms come to the forefront of telematics, examine the relationship between OEMs, service providers and local partners to create a mutually beneficial telematics partnership

  • Get first-hand information on Le local research and development work conducted by OEMs to customise services and strategies for the Indian and South Asian markets
  • Analyse which services the OEM are focusing on. We discuss vehicle-centric vs. consumer-centric to allow you to devise a winning services portfolio
  • See how the OEMs are studying the market to understand which specific telematics services are in demand and what infrastructure is available before they start developing and manufacturing vehicles and their telematics systems
  • Create a match between in-demand customer services such as navigation and the existing infrastructure to help OEMs create a commercially viable launch strategy

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