Understanding the Indian Telematics Ecosystem

GM Technical Centre India Usha HV
Engineering Group Manager, Electrical Engineering, GM Technical Centre India

Tata Consultancy Services Renukaprasad Sharma
Principal Consultant & Head - Strategy, Automotive Electronics, Tata Consultancy Services

India is one of the fastest growing automotive markets in the world. Traffic has increased and India’s chaotic road network cannot cope. Telematics is the key to improve safety, streamline traffic, optimise fuel consumption and transform consumers’ driving experience.

  • Get an update on the Indian ecosystem, see what services are being offered by different companies such as remote vehicle diagnostics, insurance telematics and how they can be bundled into your strategy
  • Analyse what services different players in the value chain need like software or end-to-end solutions etc. so you are prepared whilst building a successful telematics offering in this complex ecosystem
  • Learn more about new product technologies such as hardware and software updates in the Indian and global market to make the best  business decisions

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