The Future Applications of Telematics within Broader M2M

CGI V R Vijay Anand
Chief Technology Officer, M2M, CGI

Deloitte Consulting Anant Dinamani
Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Explore the benefits of telematics in delivering compelling intelligent services beyond the automotive vertical. This session will reveal which industries are poised to benefit from telematics and related M2M connectivity.

  • Discuss the potential behind the m-health segment in India. Hear how to monitor health care parameters using mobile applications to optimise time and efficiency in India’s booming medical industry
  • See how projects like GAGAN which use ITS related technologies will improve route efficiency and overall mobility of India’s road network to reduce road fatalities and traffic congestion
  • Examine the potential acceptance rates of insurance telematics solutions in India and South Asia from existing pilots to help map- out the ultimate deployment strategy

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