Keeping India Safe and Efficient

Ideas and innovation Squared Technologies Rohith Raveendranath
Director and CTO, Ideas and innovation Squared Technologies

Keltron Mr. S Sureshkumar
General Manager - Corporate Marketing, Keltron

In Chandigarh (India), over 500 vehicles were stolen in a period of 6 months in 2011. Develop next generation security services to overcome market threats and benefit from new opportunities.

  • Learn about remote systems such asĀ  unlocking and vehicle immobilization to combat theft and fraud, and see what steps are being taken to customise technological Assess the growth within RFID tracking for both mobile and immobile units e.g. ATMs in India to understand which security solutions are in demand to boost OEM uptake
  • See how SVR solutions are being used to track taxis, in the education sector to track school buses and other commercial fleets to safeguard both drivers and passengers against theft and route changes
  • Analyse the need for emergency call in India and how this distress call management system will be run
  • Learn more on how ITS systems are being developed by State run Keltron and how they have been deployed and integrated in turn- key projects in major cities across India
  • Discuss what services such as public place surveillance systems, fleet monitoring, traffic control systems are helping improve traffic management and road safety in India.

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