Smartphones Make their Foray into the Insurance Market

Boston Consulting Group Ofir Eyal
Principal, Boston Consulting Group

Ingenin Manjit Rana
Founder, Ingenin

Allianz Jacques Amselem
CEO Telematics, Allianz

Autoline Insurance Caroline Currie
Sales Director, Autoline Insurance

Smartphones and applications are starting to be given more weighting as a viable method to take insurance telematics mass market.

  • Discuss the benefits of smartphone applications such as reduced hardware costs and faster claims processes to understand how this platform can take insurance telematics mass market
  • Understand the insurance application development landscape and functionality for data collection and claims management to partner with app developers who can include all functions
  • Implement safety nets against fraud such as finger print recognition and automatic application start-up to ensure all data is collected for the registered driver and only the registered driver

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