Telematics in Flux

Mercedes-Benz Steffen Neumann
Project Manager App Development Group, Mercedes-Benz

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot
Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

KIA Henry Bzeih
Head of Connected Car/CTO, KIA

American Honda Charles Koch
Manager - New Business Development, American Honda

Automakers focused on creating a consistent and differentiated brand image, are bringing various operations in-house while wireless carriers are penetrating further into telematics functions. We discuss the implications.

  • In-sourcing the ecosystem. How OEMs are modernizing their differentiation strategies by bringing traditional tier 1 functions in house, reflecting changes from the top
  • The Battle Royale. Explore the middle ground between OEMs requiring bespoke, brand affiliated HMIs, OS' & service portfolios, and software developers' needs for scalability
  • Shock acquisitions. Sirius XM's acquisition of Agero demonstrates no one has specific roles in the value chain. Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking is essential to combat new competition

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