The HMI Debate - What Matters the Most?

Luxoft Serkan Arslan
Global Director Business Development Automotive, Luxoft

Ford Motor Company John Ellis
Chief Technologist, Connected Services & Solutions, Ford Motor Company

Panasonic Hakan Kostepen
Executive Director - Product Planning Strategy & Innovation, Panasonic

Mcnamara Technology Solutions David Mcnamara
President, Mcnamara Technology Solutions

UI Evolution Chris Ruff
CEO, UI Evolution

Developments in voice recognition, touchpads and augmented reality are pushing the boundaries of HMI. We discuss this along with associated safety ramifications.

  • Information vs. distraction. Communicate driver assistance info such as lane departure and parking spaces through HMIs, while keeping in line with DOT/NHTSA driver distraction laws
  • Improving safety. How can situation-aware HMI greatly improve driver safety and in-car experience? Understand the role context plays in content delivery
  • Seamless interconnectivity. Integrate ADAS functionality, such as sign recognition with infotainment systems, through the HMI to provide an interconnected system

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