Navigation 2.0: New Approaches to “Auto-Mobile” Fueling Navigation and Driver Services in the Connected Car

Nissan Vikram Krishnamurthy
Research & Development, Nissan

Jaguar Land Rover Peter Virk
Infotainment Technical Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover

Garmin Kip Dondlinger
Product & User Experience Manager , Garmin

INRIX Jon Maron
Vice President of Marketing, INRIX

Join executives from across the industry for a candid discussion of their approach to connected navigation and driver services, expected impact of wearable technologies like Google Glass and the Nissan Gitmo Smartwatch, remaining challenges for delivering data-rich apps and services in the connected car. Through this session, you’ll learn:

  • About evolution away from static to dynamic, data driven driver services and what’s required of connected services platform providers to deliver reliable, real-time insight to drivers for everything ranging from traffic and parking to fuel/EV and vehicle performance.
  • How can the phone and emerging wearable technologies like Google Glass and smartwatches offer valuable insight to drivers in and away from the vehicle. How must the mobile experience with driver-centric apps on smartphones and wearable technologies change when consumers enter the car?
  • What role do social networks play in the development and delivery of driver services? What value and level of trust can drivers place in them for reliable insight in navigation?

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