Lifecycles - Its all about Timing

General Motors Steve Schwinke
Director of Application Development, General Motors

T-Mobile Rusty Lhamon
Director M2M, T-Mobile

Harman International Rick Kreifeldt
Vice President, Harman International

QNX Software Systems Derek Kuhn
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, QNX Software Systems

Nissan Chip Goetzinger
Senior Manager VCS Development & Program Management, Nissan

SBD Andrew Hart
Head of Advanced Research, SBD

The industry is making headway, solving the conundrum of merging OEM and CE lifecycles. We assess specific examples of overcoming this challenge.

  • The latest in-car experience. Hear how OEMs address disparate lifecycles with CE providers by utilizing easily replaceable hardware such as Audi's compute-module to provide an up-to-date in-car experience
  • Ensuring connectivity keeps pace. Explore coupling flexible system architectures with the roll out of 4G LTE and real-time content updates, to keep pace with the outside world
  • Increasing innovation. Understand how open platform development and open architecture, e.g.  Jaguar LandRover's Open Source framework promotes cross industry collaboration

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