eCall: An Alternative Platform to Deliver Valued-Added Driving Services

FIA Region I Olivier Lenz
Programmes Director, FIA Region I

Gemalto Marcel Visser
Director Business Development, Automotive Segment, Gemalto

ERTICO Andy Rooke
Senior Project Manager, ERTICO

Find out how 'deeper' content functionality on the mandated e-call platform is possible and how OEMs can use it for commercial gain.

  • Discover the business case for developing  on the eCall platform, by analysing pan-European wireless coverage of the programme, to allow accurate forecasting of connectivity costs
  • Build on the basic eCall platform with vehicle type data, passenger and medical details to create an advanced safety experience by supplying responders with clearer emergency info
  • Hear directly from the EU Commission on how open e-call should be and discover the potential for third party app developers to build for this platform

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