Creating a Standout Automotive User Interface

Michelin Travel Partner Matthias Esser
Sales & Business Development Manager, Michelin Travel Partner

Volvo Martin Kristensson
Head of Content Acquisition, Volvo

SBD Lee Colman
Senior Specialist - Connected Car, SBD

Car Connectivity Consortium Antti Aumo
Marketing Director, Car Connectivity Consortium

Find the sweet spot between innovation, safety and regional nuances to create the next generation of global user interfaces.

  • Manage driver cognitive workload by leveraging situational driver feedback, (i.e. limiting HMI functionality at junctions) to create a safe app experience appropriate to the on-road driving scenario
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of advanced technology entering the head unit, such as mitigating unpredictable text from HTML5 systems to make the driving experience as safe as possible 
  • Discover how future user interfaces are being designed to enable greater interaction as more responsibility is given to autonomous driving features

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