The Internet of Cars

Frost & Sullivan Europe Niranjan Thiyagarajan
Consultant Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan Europe

Volvo Martin Kristensson
Head of Content Acquisition, Volvo

Continental Joerg Luetzner
Head, Services & Commercial Vehicles - Interior Electronic Solutions, Continental

Nissan Ian Digman
General Manager Product Planning, Nissan

Over the next decade it is predicted that the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive €10.5 trillion of economic activity (Cisco). Evaluate opportunities for the IoT in the vehicle and the impact on telematics.

  • Learn how OEMs can harness connectivity to create more touch points with their customers and how the driving experience is enriched by a seamless connection to their cars and the surrounding ecosystem
  • Explore profitable new business models and how to create more compelling user experiences as the era of total connectivity begins to take hold
  • Take a holistic approach to the connected car platform - consider data plans, data management and customer service in order to fully service drivers in real-time

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