The Car Steps Out Into The Connected World

NPR Zach Brand
VP Digital Media, NPR

Pioneer Ted Cardenas
VP Car Electronics Division, Pioneer

Mercedes-Benz Steffen Neumann
Project Manager App Development Group, Mercedes-Benz

Ford Scott Burnell
Global Lead, Business Development & Partner Management, Ford

Open Mobile Alliance Dr. Eshwar Pittampalli
Director Market Development, Open Mobile Alliance

Chrysler Bret Scott
Future Technologies Lead, Chrysler

With the entrance of new players and companies diversifying across the IVI value chain, the industry is poised for a decisive shake-up. Who will be the winners and losers once the dust has settled?

  • Debate the impact of OEMs bringing traditional tier 1 functions in house while other companies expand their role into the area traditionally controlled by TSPs
  • Address the entry of non-traditional players into the connected car and ask yourself the question…do you see this as an opportunity or a threat?
  • With so many different players now in the cockpit, discuss whether the content providers, software architects, tier 1s or OEMs will take ownership of the in-car experience

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