Its Business Time for Connected Services!

Ford Scott Burnell
Global Lead, Business Development & Partner Management, Ford

TripAdvisor Katherine Bose
Director, Business Development, TripAdvisor

Panasonic Hakan Kostepen
Executive Director, Panasonic

Strategy Analytics Greg Basich
Senior Analyst - Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

Nuance Brian Radloff
Director, Nuance

So far, it has been hard to see the core business value in content & services, however as the connected car becomes more sophisticated new ways of generating revenue are emerging.

  • Understand how improvement of tech. such as voice command can enable better driver interaction with content, increasing traffic for providers and driving up revenue
  • Focus on breakthroughs in e-payments and the implications for making the vital conversion from action to transaction, whether it be coffee, fuel or hotel rooms
  • Discover how context-savvy adverts can do more to attract the consumer, and discuss its role in offering a new way of making in-car infotainment pay

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