Selling Telematics: Whats the Big Deal

OEM Dealer Trainer Mike
, OEM Dealer Trainer

Gamivation Matt Messing
, Gamivation

Premium Auto Dealers Gabby
, Premium Auto Dealers

SBD Andrew Hart
Director, SBD

Hear first-hand from the people who actually sell your telematics products to the customer, the dealers! Assess how to work in harmony with this front line of the auto industry.

  • If they don't get it, how can they sell it? Understand dealers' experiences of getting to grips with connected platforms to see if they offer the simplicity OEMs desire
  • Hear how customers react to new telematics technology in vehicles, and their most common questions and quibbles, to grasp how well it is received
  • The Selling Factor: Learn the most important purchasing influencers for customers when buying a vehicle, and where (or if) telematics features on that list!

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