Paving the Way to Smarter Mobility

Centre for Automotive Research Richard Wallace
Director Transportation Systems Analysis, Centre for Automotive Research

Continental Robert Gee
Product Line Manager Connected Systems & Services , Continental

GetAround Sylvano Carrasco
Vice-President of Hardware and Telematics, GetAround

Assess the changing role of the car and what increased communication between vehicles and their surroundings mean for transportation systems and the smart cities of the future.

  • Explore how pooling granular data from different sources can offer real-time information on road conditions, parking, traffic and weather to improve driving experience and safety
  • Identify how to eliminate data errors, such as by comparing data from multiple vehicles or sources, to ensure that data is of sufficient quality to inform driving decisions
  • Debate the way mobility is changing in cities as schemes offering more flexibility like car sharing become more popular, and how this is shaping transportation

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