Contran 245: What Does the Future Really Hold?

NTC and Logística Paulo Roberto de Souza
Security Advisor, NTC and Logística

DENETRAN Daniel Candido

AMPEF Alfredo Peres da Silva
President, AMPEF

With postponements affecting CONTRAN 245 since 2007, confusion surrounds the exact specification and timeline for its implementation. Nonetheless it is set to hit the industry within months.

  • Is CONTRAN 245 right for the market? Will regulating SINIAV and SIMRAV systems really help overcome challenges such as bringing public and private interest together?
  • Telematics has surpassed its initial functions relative to tracking, locating and identifying - but what role do the government play in monitoring connectivity going forward?
  • With implementation due in 2016, debate the what adaptations are needed to shape the legislation before it hits the industry

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