UBI, the Answer to Auto Insurance Adoption?

HERE a Nokia company Ricardo Pinheiro
Senior Account Manager, HERE a Nokia company

Risk Log Luis Vitiritti
Risk Consultant, Risk Log

Celent Juan Mazzini
Senior Analyst, Celent

Renault Flavio Lima
General Manager of Engineering, Renault

Sierra Wireless Benoit Tournier
Business Development Director, Sierra Wireless

Non-mandatory car insurance in Brazil has led to slow adoption of UBI. Nonetheless, innovative business models are prompting an initial growth of telematics based insurance solutions.

  • What can be done to support UBI scalability of products and services? Explore how value added services such as tracking or remote car control can help boost the growth of UBI
  • Enable the next killer app for UBI with cost attractive solutions that will create a platform for mobile TSPs and insurers to embrace new services and encourage scale
  • Discover the UBI trends which have transformed the North American and European market and comprehend how flexible UBI policies enable widespread adoption

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