Smartphone Integration: Kick Starting the Passenger Segment

HERE a Nokia company Vinícius Ferreira
Product Manager - Automotive, HERE a Nokia company

NNG Sergio Ghirardelli
Vice President, Aftermarket & PND, NNG

Telit Wireless Solutions Ricardo Buranello
CEO - Latin America, Telit Wireless Solutions

IHS Flavio Gomes Dias
Senior Analyst Researcher, IHS

With mobile use already high and smartphone penetration estimated to double 2020; see how smartphone integration can be the springboard to unlocking Brazilian desire for car connectivity.

  • Focus on the end user: Design a balanced user experience by creating experiences in the car, not just apps
  • Android Auto and CarPlay - the answer to all smartphone integration issues? Discuss the platforms that will enhance development of telematics in the region
  • Embedded vs. Smartphone? Evaluate the pros and cons; cost vs. reliability, consumer friendly vs. data granularity, to decide which route to take

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