Telematics in your Pocket: How Smart Devices are Advancing Industry (Panel)

ARI Tony Candeloro
Vice President, Product Development, ARI

Centre for Automotive Research Richard Wallace
Director Transportation Systems Analysis, Centre for Automotive Research

Garmin Chris Koszarsky
Director of Engineering, Garmin

Smart devices, whether we like it or not, are now an integral part of modern society. Now, they are set to become an essential component in the connected fleet.

  • Look at how smart devices are being utilized to maintain an in, and out of cab connection with workers. How can this trend be fully exploited whilst maintaining data quality?
  • Explore the service suites of affordable "telematics lite" solutions, e.g. simplified back end services to maximize on these solutions for the underpenetrated small fleet market
  • Dive into the future and look at what smart devices, such as the smart watch, may offer in terms of a connectivity solutions to simplify driver monitoring

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