Placing Bets on Auto Tech to Win Big in 2017

Lux Capital Shahin Farschchi
Partner, Lux Capital

Strategy Analytics Roger Lanctot
Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

Fontinalis Partners Chris Thomas
Founder and Partner, Fontinalis Partners

With billions of investment dollars fuelling rapid developments in auto tech and personal transportation in 2016, a panel of investors reveal what’s on investment horizon in 2017.

  • Predicting the trends: Pinpoint which technologies and industry segments will be red hot in 2017. Get in-line and follow the cash!
  • How do I get that investment? Tune into the VC mind-set to tick all their boxes - from revenue model to business structure. Become an attractive, sure-fire bet
  • Review the impact of recent high profile start-up acquisitions.  Create a successful model for injecting a digital/ tech-first philosophy into incumbent auto players

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