We are Connected - Where Are the Subscriptions?

Tuxera Mikko Välimäki
CEO, Tuxera

Cisco Jasper Michael Blanck
Senior Director, Connected Car, Cisco Jasper

WirelessCar Martin Rosell
Managing Director, WirelessCar

TechCrunch Kristen Hall-Geisler
Automotive Reporter, TechCrunch

Volvo Car Group David Holecek
Director of Connected Products, Volvo Car Group

FordDirect David DiMeo
Director, Connected Car Innovations, FordDirect

We know people cannot live without connectivity. We know people are willing to pay for connectivity. Why won’t they pay for connectivity in the car? Let’s change that now!

  • Great Experiences: Can consumers actually work their infotainment system? Simplify platforms to create the streamlined UX consumers expect as standard
  • Valuable Services: What do consumers actually want? Create convenient services, i.e. trunk package delivery, that consumers cannot live without
  • Long-lasting Relationships: Do you who is driving your car? Make ownership easier, i.e. vehicle health alerts to keep every owner (from forecourt to scrap yard) coming back for more - to your dealer!

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