Changing Behavior through Closed Loop Telematics-Based Strategies

FICO Sally Taylor-Shoff
Scores Vice President, FICO

eDriving Celia Stokes
CEO, eDriving

Here we assess how to permanently break bad driving habits using a combination of cultural context, policy, leadership, driver scoring, behavior-based telematics, targeted micro learning, and coaching strategies.

  • Understand what a closed loop risk reduction strategy is and how has it been proven to reduce collisions up to 67% and TCO by 20-40%
  • How do telematics and micro learning enable compilation of a much richer driver risk profile and delivery of actionable remediation? Does the inclusion of rewards, gamification and shamification augment the impact?
  • What does FICO’s experience in the consumer credit world portend regarding the effective use of telematics-based scoring to change driving behavior?

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