Moving at Startup Pace with Digital Foundations

Solstice Mike Koleno
CTO, Solstice

SBD North America Jeffrey S. Hannah
Director, SBD North America

Scope Technologies Cyril Zeller
Vice President - Strategic Accounts, Scope Technologies

Arity Chetan Phadnis
CTO, Arity

Insurance carriers are at risk of losing out on huge market share as agile startups make quick adjustments to their digitally based business to adapt and capitalise on gaps in the market.

  • Evaluate a platform as a service (PaaS) development processes that allows for rapid, low-cost experimentation required to run UBI and other IoT applications
  • The demand of scale: Get to grips with redundancy processes that need to be installed for hardware and software (at the data transmission and gateway) to decrease service lag
  • Combine business-IT collaboration with multi-cloud deployment enabling cross-functional/vertical teams to rapidly deliver web and smartphone apps

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