The Transition to Autonomous

USAA Rod Gonzales
Strategic Innovation Director - P&C Innovation, USAA

Agero Jeff Blecher
Senior Vice President/Strategy, Agero

LexisNexis David Lukens
Director of Telematics, LexisNexis

The Floow Andy Goldby
Chief Product Officer, The Floow

Fully autonomous vehicles may still be over a decade away. Here we explore the transitioning that insurers must face to ensure their role in the era of the driverless car.

  • ADAS (e.g. adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping & traffic jam assist) will have an impact on the underwriting of new car models. Can you calculate propensity of loss without loss experience?
  • Find new means to calculate risk. Discuss how patterns of crash frequency and severity that insurers use to predict risk will be affected as vehicles become safer and more intelligent
  • Assess how radar sensors & computer vision, object detection, environment modelling and sophisticated decision-making software will affect vehicle value to balance cost vs. risk

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