Connectivitys New Home - The Autonomous Vehicle

Navigant Research Sam Abuelsamid
Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research

Ricardo Lee Barnes
Senior Program Manager, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Ricardo

Neusoft Jim Mazurek
AVP Automotive Sales & Business Development, Neusoft

Bordrin Motor Corporation Allan Hoffman
Chief Engineer, ADAS Systems Integration, Bordrin Motor Corporation

Connectivity has provided a host of new features in vehicles, buts it’s fair to say it has not been a necessary component. But that all changes with the autonomous vehicle.

  • Consider how best to collect and collate AV data e.g. computational partitioning, embedded processor to understand how to deal with the petabytes of data AVs will generate
  • Examine how connectivity can enhance the  capabilities of autonomous hardware e.g. enhanced sensor range and fusing with V2V data for vastly improved safety capabilities
  • Debate whether AVs will always have to be connected or if limitations will strike the balance between security and functionality

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