Architecting the Autonomous Vehicle

DeepMap INC Wei Luo
CCO, Head of Product, DeepMap INC

Magna Tom Toma
Global Product Manager, Magna

Intel Rebeca Delgado
Technical Lead, Intel

Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC. Phil Magney
Principal Analyst - Automotive, Vision Systems Intelligence, LLC. Damien Scott

The beating heart of the autonomous car will no longer be the engine but processors and algorithms.

  • Understand the software foundation needed to consolidate separate functional modules on new multi-core processors, reducing complexity and manufacturing expense
  • Consider how to create a failsafe AV operating system through the application of a suite of co-existing operating systems e.g. Linux, iOS synced through middleware software
  • Learn how you can apply complex algorithms to negate the shortcomings of AV hardware i.e. sensor limitations in poor weather

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