Trust in Me (your Autonomous vehicle)

TU-Automotive Jamie Muir
Project Director, TU-Automotive

City of Beverly Hills Grayson Brulte
Co-Chair, Autonomous Vehicle Task Force, City of Beverly Hills

National Safety Council Alex Epstein
Senior Director, Digital Strategy and Content, National Safety Council

Bordrin Motor Corporation Allan Hoffman
Chief Engineer, ADAS Systems Integration, Bordrin Motor Corporation

Getting the consumer to trust in autonomous systems is still a major challenge and recent high profile AV incidents have not helped to galvanise trust. Change that now!

  • Provide advice but leave the driver in charge – strategize just how to avoid driver complacency through limiting driver reliance on alertness systems
  • Understand the psychological aspects of trust in relation to human/machine interaction to inform the development and human centred design of driver engagement systems
  • Examine how to maintain driving skill, wakefulness, or attentiveness through simplification and periodic interaction with systems

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