Autonomous Testing: An Action Plan for Europe

Transpolis Stephane Barbier
CDO, Transpolis

Ericsson Stephan Joest
Account Director, Ericsson Device & App Verification Services Europe, Ericsson

Ptolemus Matthieu Noel
Senior Strategy Consultant, Ptolemus

Sensible 4 Harri Santamala
CEO, Sensible 4

From the top level European standards to nations and individual cities, understand the European testing landscape and map out an action plan for true deployment.

  • Put your tech to the test by understanding what the EU vs. each state (vs. each city!) requires to test your vehicles on the road
  • Look at how data supplied by a digital simulation can be applied in the design process enabling a more streamlined and efficient application process
  • Get to grips with the progress of testing real world environments, incl. vehicle-to-pedestrian, and reactions both of and to self-driving vehicles in the streets

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