Enabling V2X Support in Mobile Networks

Intel Dario Sabella
MEC Secretary and Lead of Industry Group Relationship, ETSI ISG MEC, Intel

Edge Computing provides compute/storage/networking capabilities at the network edge, offering high efficiency, ultra-low latency and high throughput, and it is considered as a key technology supporting multiple V2X services for connected AD vehicles.

  • Learn about ETSI ISG MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) and its role in standardization of Edge Computing to help the entire automotive ecosystem
  • Identify the main MEC use cases and learn about “MEC support for V2X”
  • Understand how ETSI ISG MEC is engaged in several collaborations with external organizations and Industry Groups, including the automotive field
  • Clarify the possible synergies between standard bodies ETSI MEC and 3GPP and industry associations on automotive, like 5GAA (5G Automotive Association)

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