Start-Up pitstop: How to get your start-up business out of the garage and onto the industry track

Unternehmertum VC Partners Johannes Von Borries
Managing Partner, Unternehmertum VC Partners

Your innovative idea needs to be supported by your business strategy. Learn how to form a business plan that suits your partnerships and goals within the industry, whilst avoiding the common start-up potholes.

  • Business basics: Keep your team working together towards your product and know when to rely on outside support and knowledge.
  • Industry culture: The disbalance between huge corporations and small startups is only going to grow. How can start-ups avoid “culture clashes” when entering the industry?
  • Solution driven: OEM’s want solutions to customer needs. Keep your start-up focused on solving a consumer problem to appeal within the automotive ecosystem
  • Approach: your business and team should fit with your Business model. Accelerators, incubators, OEM and Venture Client models are all common platforms, and government funding in automotive is growing. Learn which one works for you.

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