How to Use Data to Optimize Business Strategy and User Experience

Kymeta Tom Freeman
SVP, Land Mobile, Kymeta

Toyota Kenichi Murata
Group Manager Connected Strategy & Planning Group, Connected Company, Toyota

Avis Budget Jeffrey Banks
Vice President,Customer Experience and Product Development, Policy and Standards, Avis Budget

AXA Direct Finance Benjamin Mahe
Head of telematics pricing and data science, AXA Direct Finance

Tractica Aditya Kaul
Research Director, Tractica

AVs are not only growing in complexity but so is the amount of data required. This panel will challenge and review the different technologies and techniques for on and off-board data processing.

  • Utilizing data to inform your business strategy from R&D, testing to identifying new services and business models
  • How to ensure compliancy with everchanging global data standards from GDPR to cybersecurity. What role will local data centers and partnerships have in managing a global data exchange within regulations?
  • Applying technology & methods such as AI and ML to deliver a great user experience from intuitive, useful ADAS applications to personalized features and settings

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