The Autonomous Vehicle - Are We Nearly There Yet?

Faraday Future Shyam Sundar
Global Head of Product, Vehicle Software Platform, Faraday Future

Green Hills Software Joe Fabbre
Director of Platform Solutions, Green Hills Software

Brulte & Company Grayson Brulte
Co-Founder & President, Brulte & Company

LexisNexis David Lukens
Director of Telematics, LexisNexis

Roborace Bryn Balcome
CSO, Roborace

MIT University Bryan Reimer
Research Scientist, AgeLab, MIT University

With so many technology companies and automakers investing and building its self-driving tech, are we really ready for Level 4 or 5 autonomy?

  • Dissecting the realities of sensor development - Radar, Camera, LIDAR - plus the software "brain", namely AI and neural networks. How to identify gaps and move to Level 4
  • Identifying the challenges in testing and validation of ADAS and AVs and how to ensure safety through increased rigorous testing such as HIL (Hardware in the Loop) and SIL (Software in the Loop)
  • Who's the market leader? Examine the latest projections and understand who's leading the full autonomy race and why their tech and strategy is the most effective
  • How does automation technology begin to fit within the transforming mobility ecosystem? Examining the steps necessary to enhance successful adoption of the evolving technology

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